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Minahspeak on Wordpress

I've decided to move over to Wordpress because they automatically run on mobile version, which is so much easier on the eyes, when I access from my iPhone.

Like how we Minahs have our photos as our wallpapers on our phones/desktops/laptops/notebooks/iphones/itouch/ipad ("Apa siak iPad? Foolscap pad aku tau ar!" -fellow Minah friend when news of iPad was first launched), I am a Minah who reads my own blog all the time.

Bedek ar korang tak baca blog sendiri.
Takmo step Johnny Depp pls. (Read here.)

So anyways, drop by my Wordpress.

I'll update from my mobile when The Mat leaves me waiting while he takes a quick shower, or one of those janji Melayu things are happening to me and I'm left holding a smoking table at Starbucks with 3 bottles of mineral water and about ten million people giving me the evil eye and dirty looks.

Update your bookmarks yo!
(Or be more canggih la, use Google Reader.)